The Plight of Man

Ahoy Ye Matey!

Iris woke up to the bright light of the sun shining down on her and found herself chained to a hard bed, her dress replaced by tattered white rags she wouldn’t even have given to her slaves. Infuriated, she called to the nearest person who looked to be in charge, a nurse by the looks of it. Iris considered for a moment to charm the woman into freeing her, but she had no idea where she was or how she had gotten her. She asked the woman these questions and learned that she was sent to the hospital after falling unconscious and suffering moderate burns by the bellboy who had turned out to actually be an assassin with a hit for Iris’s group. She was also a suspect in a investigation into pirates that had been threatening the city.

Iris was forced to wait to learn more until Guard Captain Phobias entered the room and unlocked her manacles, a skill she deemed she needed to pick up as soon as she was able. Phobias told her that the king had actually requested their presence and tasked them with looking into the pirate troubles. Iris’s companion, Guy Charbot began to mumble and wake at thsi time and agreed to the investigation. The third group member, Inta had vanished and been reportedly seen multiple times throughout the city, but never there long enough to talk to. The two began preparations and set off to where reports of pirate activity had been throughout the last few weeks. Guy worked with the guards to make sure his swordsmanship was still up to par, while Iris took a bit more carnal route to make sure her skills were still up to par and became a prostitute for one of the finer establishments in town, sending a prayer to Nocticula for each of her “sessions,” and learning as much as she could about the pirates she was after. The two joined back together soon after and made their way to Iris’s recently acquired house in the slums to plan what to do, Guy unaware of how the house was actually acquired.

The two made their way to the Guard barracks to speak with Phobias about rewards, tactics, and locations, and were then on their way. The journey only took a few days and they came across a group of holy fisherman being harassed by the pirates as well as saved two orphaned little boys who had been trying to rummage through their belongings one of the nights. One of the boys suffered a huge bite from a rabid wolf the next night and died along the road. The other boy then tried to run away in grief. Iris lifted her rifle to stop the emotional outpouring of the slave and then raise it as a subservient zombie as was custom, but Guy asked her to lower the rifle so they could be on their way. They soon came upon the Pirate stronghold hidden in a cave after that and swam to climb the side of the board away from land, hoping to surprise those aboard. The climb wasn’t as quiet as Iris had hoped and her weapons clanged along the side of the ship right as she reached over alerting those cleaning above deck. The pirates rang an alarm and a slaughter began.

The pirates were certainly not lacking membership even if they were lacking any intelligence. With Guy standing between her prey and herself, she unloaded spell after spell through her rifle, sending round after round of darkness, faerie fire, and even levitating a few pirates as her bullets continued to tear through them. After a few minutes of slaughter, the two decided to make their move to the lower decks. The decks consisted of something akin to a tavern and Guy and Iris, fresh from the fight upstairs, attempted to insinuate themselves into the group here that was too drunk or intelligent enough to have stayed away from above. Iris sat with a group of drunken pirates and nonchalantly slit the throat of a blacked-out pirate and then returned to her seat. The pirates were just bright enough to not believe this and Guy rushed one of them as Iris backed off. The tavern-like room was cleaned off and the rooms attached checked out. One of the rooms happened to be a few beds covered in blood and other fluids were the pirates raped and violated their prisoners. The thought of the cowardly men dominating their superiors enraged her and she lit the beds aflame, which quickly spread and began burning along the ship walls.

As the ship burned, the two ran back aboard deck and jumped into the water before the roaring flames overtook the entire vessel. The screams of the pirates could be heard a mile off and Iris could only smile as she heard them.



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