The Plight of Man

A Changing Path

Downtime did not sit well with Iris, she began to realize as she paced back and forth in her bedchambers. It had been weeks since Knight Captain whatshisname had last given them information on the last sighting of the Cult of Orcus or its leader and nothing else of note had happened since their return from “up north.”
Iris’s boredom did however give her time to put finishing touches on her alter room and set into motion plans to take care of those that had built it while she was gone. When the time came, their sacrifice would be for a worthy and very delightful cause. For now however, she sent them on their way with enough gold to feed their families and leaving with knowledge of a job well done and well paid for. Each left with an invitation to Iris’s first gala that allowed them to bring their family and any friends that they wanted in celebration of the project’s completion. What a celebration it was going to be! The daytime distraction was nice to have and gave her something to be excited about.
The time off-duty also gave Iris time to work the Art in ways she had only recently begun to comprehend. As an evoker, Iris was able to create energy from nothing and direct it any many different forms from a searing blast of flame to a bolt of lightning or even a stream of acid. With her growing understanding of magic however, she had learned to change one element into another; the bolt of lightning becoming a beam of intense flame or the fireball into an explosion of frozen shards.



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