The Plight of Man

Avoiding Geppetto's Fate

A pocket watch slowly ticked nearby, counting down each second, as Iris lounged upon the pile of sand inside the giant whale that had swallowed them. She had been trying to pinpoint exactly where the watch was buried for the last hour by sound and was pretty sure of where it lay buried, but the constant tick gave her peace of mind as her companions slept and she would rather not get up anyhow. Her familiar rested at the bottom of the whale’s pool of stomach acid, rifling through the remains of whatever else the whale had swallowed. Kali’s sense of curiosity could be felt through the bond and made Iris smirk a bit at how such a creature could be so interested in the most mundane of things. A spark of excitement shot through the bond as Iris finished her thought and Kali broke the acid surface with a strange wooden doll and what looked to be the skull of an older gentleman. Kali smashed the doll into the skull until it cracked and then ate the whole thing in one swallow.

Iris looked around and studied her companions a bit. Sir Sigmund Alkraine rested near the edge of the stomach, wrapped up in his bedroll, his armor off to the side. The cleric intrigued Iris immensely, especially after his latest dealing in the slave camp and in rescuing Iris without much bloodshed. She did of course feel a sense of loss at the lack of bloodshed, but it was better than having to waste her time trying to escape. That always turned out to be quite a mess. How Sigmund managed to restrain himself while witnessing so many acts against his faith was hard to imagine and Iris figured she would have to ask him later on. Either way, his ability to do so brought much respect from Iris. The faith of Shelyn got a few positive points in her eyes because of his actions. Of course, she should probably never show Sigmund of the painting in her room of Shelyn and Nocticula in a rather entangled position, that would probably be a breaking point between the two of them. He mumbled some half-whispered prayer to Shelyn in his sleep as Iris moved her gaze onto their other companion. Oreg he called himself, a rather dimwitted creature by the way he had acted so far. He was an oread, a rarely seen race of humans descended from the shaitans, but that was just about all that Iris knew about him. He was immensely tall, towering over her at what looked to Iris to be about 6’4, maybe even 6’5. He was slow though and Iris had no fear of outrunning the creature or just lifting into the air and taking him down at gunpoint. Iris had a brief flash of his head mounted, but quickly shook it away; she wasn’t a fan of heads…but hearts…that she might need to start collecting soon.
Iris’s thoughts had trailed for a few minutes and when she finally came out of her daydream, she found Oreg awake and running his hands through the stomach acid of the whale and using it to clean himself. Maybe there was a bit of wisdom in those old stones of his. Rested enough for the day, Iris rose up and stretched her wings. Some of the feathers were matted and she figured she should probably clean herself off when they got here. She would want to look her best to seduce whoever this son of the councilman was anyhow. It was probably time to lay on a bit of the charm instead of shooting anything that moved anyhow. It had only done her wrong lately and Sigmund seemed to have done well enough by talking instead of blowing up. She would have to try it a bit more often. With her thoughts gathered and Kali’s form wrapped around the length of her left arm, Iris moved to explore the stomach of this creature and find the group a way out of this place.



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