The Plight of Man

Brimstone and Hellfire

Dawn was fast approaching as Iris opened her eyes, scraping salt crystals from the edges. The young councilman lay next to her, his body limp from the night’s exertions; his head using her right wing like a pillow. Iris was sure that the night had gotten her the boy’s loyalty. The act had been much easier than just shooting him in the head and had almost felt as good. With the morning sun peeking through the window curtains, Iris deemed it was time to leave. As she edged her way out of the large, four post bed, the silken sheets sliding across her exposed skin almost convinced her to stay, but she managed to resist the urge, if only just barely. The young lord let out a slight groan as she moved his head off of her wing and set it upon the nearest pillow. Finally managing to get out of bed, she did a quick search for her undergarments and her dress. She slipped her silk dress up past her waist and had to shimmy a bit to get it past her chest. After a few more minute of struggle, she managed to finish dressing and with a cast of mage hand and presdigitation, had her hair in ornate curls. With a quick cast of dimension door, she silently vanished from the manor and appeared outside of the inn that her companions were staying at.

With the guild’s task in the city complete, Iris finally had some time to take care of her own goals within the city. The Church of Asmodeus was very powerful in this country and its center of power was within this capital. By destroying the cult of Orcus within the city’s walls, the Asmodeans had become quite friendly with her little group. Through this friendship, Iris was able to obtain two arcane scrolls; one of planar binding and one of trap the soul. She was also given permission to use one of the churches summoning chambers for a minor donation of 10,000 gold. After spending the better part of the morning searching for a diamond valued at at least 10,000g, Iris returned to the Church of Asmodeus and locked herself in a summoning chamber.

The ritual Iris was about to perform was not something to be taken lightly; lest her soul be forfeit, and so Iris was taking every precaution that she could. She began by laying the foundation of the summoning circle in powdered silver, something all devils were loathe to be touched by. Within the circle itself, Iris laid out nine soul gems, one to touch upon each layer of Hell. Iris then cast a dimensional anchor upon the circle and deemed her circle complete. Just to be sure that everything would go smoothly however, Iris enchanted the diamond she had purchased earlier with a casting of trap the soul and placed the gem in the center of the circle. If the erinyes even dared to betray her, she would complete the spell and bind her soul to the gem until she agreed to the foul bargain.

With everything in place, Iris began chanting the arcane script of the scroll of planar binding to call upon an erinyes from the nine hells. With the final syllable spoken a rift of hellfire and the smell of brimstone ripped open within the circle and stepping out of it was the majestic form of an erinyes. The devil was beautiful and terrifying; its great black wings stretching the entire length of the ten-foot summoning circle. The woman’s skin was nearly flawless and her beauty was of the angels of heaven itself, but marred by several bruises along her side. In a voice that once sang the purest of notes, the fallen angel demanded to know why she had been summoned.

With a silver tongue that Asmodeus himself would be envious of, Iris managed to convince the erinyes to bind her power into Iris in exchange for a powerful unholy weapon to smite her foes. THe erinyes was eager to lay her hands upon the weapon and without a second thought, agreed to the bargain. Iris and the erinyes sealed the pact with a bloody signature and a kiss. As their lips met, Iris felt the power of the Erinyes flood through her. Iris handed over the unholy rapier she had found and the creature left in another flash of Hellfire back to Dis, the second layer of Hell. Iris left the chamber with a grin from ear to ear. Her power was growing and the man in the black suit of armor would soon be the one to be afraid of her.



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