The Plight of Man

The Rise Of ORCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The undead of the catacombs while frightening proved to be less of a problem than expected. The daughters of the dead were largely avoided or bribed with the corpses of fresh victims and the gaze of the ever hungry walls were avoided and resisted. The parties pursuit of the false king endured and after a brief dunk in a body of water filled with the undead emerged before a plain wooden door.

The door was eased open and upon a large stone throne sat a familiar man; he was clad in black armor, his face concealed by black steel and black cloth. A smaller weaselly figure stood before the throne, bowing before the man upon it profusely.

Upon sighting of the figures before her the ever daring Iris attempted an impossible shot and slew the weaselly man in front of the throne with great accuracy and the bold Oret took giant strides to close recover the corpse sprint across the long room only to be knocked down before the corpse by the man in black.

With assistance from Iris, Oret was able to recross the length of the room much more quickly than normally possible as the man in black transformed the dead body of the would be king into an undead hulk.

The hulk charged across the room but was put down by the party before it could reach them. As the man in black strode across the room the party forced him to show his true form. Bone wings sprouted from his back and his putrid flesh expanded making him much larger than before. the deathwatch goggles upon Sigmunds head revealed him to be truly undead. As another pair of wings sprouted from the back of the hulking figure the party felt great dread sink into their stomachs but managed to hold their ground.

After a long and arduous battle the party stood victories and sought to return from the depths of the catacombs. upon emerging they witnessed a sky deep red in color and felt a foreboding presence upon the air. The dead in the streets began to rise around them. Looting began immediately.

Upon taking what they could Iris teleported away with Oret leaving Sigmund on his own as he went to acquire what knowledge and items he could from a magic shop.

Iris and Oret appeared in front of a forbidding forest that once promised to kill them if they ever again found themselves within its domain. Behind them lay a great crater in the ground ; this was once the location of a great city filled with heroes and wealth but was swallowed by the fey forest when they were left unchecked by heroes that could have saved them.

Rather than risk the forest the pair journeyed east and found themselves within the city of (insert name please too drunk); this city was ruled by the church of Torag but Iris and Oret did not know this and quickly found themselves at odds with the church mainly due to the even more demonic appearance of Iris. Oret found himself unable to offload goods he had acquired during his journeys and ended up resorting to employing Iris to do so.

Sigmund found himself the nearest magic shop and acquired a magic carpet within. He rode high above the lands and witnessed not only the undead rising within the fields but upon turning back to face the city witness a huge creature with spiraling goat horns and fur covered hoofed legs climbing from a portal. He recognized this terror as Orcus one of the great demon lords.

His journey took him to the southeast where he eventually met up with Sed a cleric of Torag. Upon Relaying the distressing news to Sed the two of them traveled northward together. Along the way many people approached Sigmund. to gain favor and pledge donations to bring beauty into the world

Upon arriving at the city Sigmund found out that a demon had taken up residence in the city recently and that the church hoped to rectify that. They joined the hunt for this demon and quickly through it was revealed that Iris was the demon they sought. With the help of Sigmund however bloodshed was avoided and an understanding was reached. Iris was proved to be within Sigmund’s control to everyone; other than those within the party.

As dawn broke across the ramparts it was revealed that the dead had snuck upon the city. The city was under siege now and the only person who may be able to releave them from the plague was LuaBai.

The party agreed to retrieve LuaBai from the tunnels below the city in exchange for Iris’s life. The church of Torag gave Sigmund a blessing as they departed into the tunnels. After many hours of wandering they reached a large underground city called Forlorn. The city lay abandoned for many years however a recently deserted camp site was discovered and the gates to the city were cracked open.

Upon passing through the gates the party found themselves standing upon the fairly fresh remains of a party from the church of Torag. It would seem that this city isn’t as empty as it as it would first appear. Moans and the scraping of claws could be heard not far off…….



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